Thursday, February 28, 2008

A Week's Worth of Fun

By: Sharon
Well, we are BUSY having fun at the Simon house.

  • B - Built to last, despite being very sick with the latest stomach bug

  • U - Unified in our Sickness (all of us are sick - Colin, Connor, Sybella, Me, My Mom, and David's Brother; OK, David isn't sick but it's only because he's out of town)

  • S - Stayin' Positive- I mean, It only lasts 2 days and no more than 3 of us overlap at a time--- except Sybella, who has the 7-day version but is so good-natured, only all her soiled clothes give her away.

  • Y - Yearning to be healthy and looking forward to a Great Weekend as a refreshed and healthy family!

Ok- so it's part humor and part sarcasm, but I guess a little of both is better than a lot of bad attitude.

Have a GREAT day and try to stay healthy!

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