Thursday, February 14, 2008

Two-Hours Late

By: Sharon

The boys wanted to blog that they think that "2-Hour School Delay" is the BEST thing ever invented! They love to explain the logic that:

1. They get 2 extra hours to play. (usually in the snow or ice)

2. The day is not counted against them in the "snow day" count.

3. They still get lunch and recess, so there is a lot less school.

They have termed the 2-hour delay "An Evolution" .....not sure if they really understand what that means but they do feel that it's progress.

So, Imagine their jubilee when the phone rang at the end of 2-hour delay and it was an audio recording of their principal saying, "The school is without power and you all have the day off."

The boys began screaming, "Now, it's not an evolution, it's a REVOLUTION!!!"

My oh my, how smart those two boys are.

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