Thursday, April 3, 2008

Book Signing

Reading is a common past-time at our house. David and I both enjoy a good book and we value the way in which life can be enhanced by reading. So, it makes sense that we spend lots of time reading with the kids. They get to pick the books that we read together and the ones that they read on their own. By far, Colin and Connor's favorite books are from The Magic Tree House Series. For those who don't know, these 39 books are historical fiction and are centered around Jack and Annie, a brother and sister from Frog Creek, Pennsylvania. Jack and Annie use their magic tree house to visit events and time periods in history. In our reading, we have gone with them to the time of: ninjas, pirates, the first Olympics, the Civil War, the Revolutionary War, and many other adventures.

Imagine our excitement when we discovered that Mary Pope Osborne, the author of The Magic Tree House series would be at the Tree Top Kids store in McLean, VA- just a few miles from where we live. Mary Pope Osborn is on a book tour promoting her 39th book, Dark Day in the Deep Sea; touring with her is her sister, Nataline Pope Boyce who has begun writing non-fiction/research books for kids to pair with each of the Magic Tree House titles. How could we miss this? WE COULDN’T! So, after school on Wednesday, we went to stand in line for her 5pm book signing. We got to vote on upcoming storylines, weigh in on potential book titles, and leave our suggestions for new magic tree house books. How cool! She is considering a book about a World Cup Soccer Game. The boys were ecstatic. In the meantime, she also previewed her next book on penguins. Each of the kids (Sybella too) had Mary Pope Osborne sign her newest release as well as their 2 favorite books. It was such fun.

As a side note, I had to ask the kids whether they enjoyed meeting Mary Pope Osborn or President Carter more---we met him at a book signing in September. They couldn’t decide, “He’s a President and had Secret Service Agents” but “She writes our books and gave her autographs at a toy store!”

Oh to be young and to Instinctively and Consistently see the silver lining in Everything!!

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