Thursday, April 24, 2008

Meeting Mrs. Laura Bush

How Exciting.....Tonight, we had the opportunity to meet Mrs. Laura Bush! The First Lady? Yes!!!!! That's right, she was conducting a book signing at the Books-a-Million in McLean, VA. She has just finished a new children's book (released on 4-22-08) that she co-wrote with her daughter Jenna. The book is called Read All About It! It is the story of a boy named Tyrone who loves school, everything about school that is, except reading, until now....

So, the book is awesome BUT meeting the First Lady was not too shabby either. She is beautiful, gracious, and her heart shines bright. I was so pleased to both meet her and have the children and my mom meet the most famous librarian around. :)

For those who are curious, there are no pictures of the First Lady signing our books because just as when we met President Carter, the Secret Service does not allow photo taking "up close" (40 feet or so). And since Shauna and I braved the challenge, having sat out on Monday morning at 6am to get tickets (see pictures below), we were at the front of the line tonight--much closer than 40 feet!!

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