Monday, April 28, 2008

Going to Church Camp

Colin will be going to a week-long church camp for the first time this year! He has been to several different 2-day get-a-aways but he has never gone for a whole week.
The camp that he is going to is Camp Sandy Cove in the Blue Ridge Mountains.
It is a spectacular opportunity for the pre-teens and youth of NCC. Part of the journey of going to camp is FUNDRAISING. For any of you who haven't sent kids to summer camp, it can be fairly pricey. So, the NCC Leadership (Nina- You Rock!) and parents have wisely decided to include the kids in fundraising, both so that they can feel greater participation in this awesome week of fun , and also to allow for as many kids as possible to attend without any financial restraints.

Last night at the 4th annual NCC Variety Show (it wuz dope by the way), the kids had a bake sale/concession stand. The kids worked through the whole show and did a great job promoting their items, totaling prices, handling the money, and having some fun. They truly did their fair share of the work and took pride in participating. Many of their siblings (like Connor) and even kids who's schedules won't allow them to attend camp helped out and supported the fundraising efforts. It was absolutely spectacular to see the looks on their faces when people told them, "Keep the Change!" Their gratitude matched the Radical Hospitality of their benefactors (and their bakers).
Quite a bit of money was raised to be split amongst the NCC kids attending camp BUT the Fundraising Journey is not over. There will be a yard sale, a car wash, and Colin will be glad to mow yards---so if you have any chores that a 10-year is qualified for, let us know!

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Jess said...

Hmmmmm, Colin will mow? How much does he charge (seriously)?