Saturday, April 5, 2008

Soccer begins...

Soccer began today and as evidenced by the photos, everyone is playing in some capacity.

In the VYS they told us that we would not be keeping score. Excuse me! Last time I checked we are a culture built on capitalism. In a capitalistic society you have to be competitive. Instead of the laundry list of reasons why keeping score hurts our kids, maybe we need to revisit this concept and ask...How does not keeping score in a soccer game help teach and cultivate the competitive spirit? Don't get me wrong...we are a long way from the MLS but competition begins somewhere. Soccer was formalized in the 1800's in English Boys Schools and was intended to teach young men through athletics, general principles in life: discipline, rules, competition, and fairness.

Here is the irony of their rule...despite no one keeping is amazing the boys know exactly what the score was and who won and who lost.

Colin tied 2-2 and Connor won 4-1.

It goes to show you that most people, inherently have a sense of winning, losing, and competition.


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