Wednesday, April 23, 2008

What time is it?

Tuesday morning I roll out of bed around 4am and finish packing...really I was just double checking everything before I jumped on the plane. It is now a day and half later but my clock says its Thursday!

Wait a wait a day...that's right, I have crossed the IDL (International Date Line) and my body is all out of whack. It is 6pm at home and I just finished my morning workout (yes Sharon I decided to go workout :-) Actually, studies show the best way to avoid jet lag is by working out. I also find that a glass of wine or two helps.

So I awoke this morning and here is the view from my hotel window at the Hilton Millennium in Seoul, South Korea. I know...way too nice...I assure you I am working long days and trying to get everything done in short order so that I can get back home. Seoul isn't as much fun when you can't bring your family.

I am off to work and several meetings. Just wanted to stop and say hello to everyone from Korea. By the way, it was a 5-hour flight from DC to California and then 13 hours from Cali on to Korea. Did you know you can read an entire book watch 2 movies, eat dinner, and read another book when you are trapped in a confined space with no email or phone for an entire day?


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