Tuesday, July 29, 2008


If you haven't read the post titled 'Peanuts,' read that first.

This is an update.


We were on vacation last week, so we missed the doctor's call about Sybella's allergy testing.
Yesterday, we finally connected on the phone.
The doctor told me that Sybella has Egg White Allergies and not only that, but the results were significant, a similar level to her peanut reaction.

***Warning: everything that follows is my raw and unfiltered thoughts from yesterday!


Eggs are in EVERYTHING.
Basically, I asked somed questions, told him I would like a copy of the labs so that I can see it in black and white and so that we can take it to an allergist. I asked him about her immunizations (which he still wants her to get--I am definately going to ask the allergist about that) and then I got off the phone 'cause I couldn't hold it together any longer.

I just cried...what am I gonna feed her? will she ever eat school lunch? enjoy birthday cakes? How will we feed her if we are on the road? Will she ever feel normal or will she always feel like the weird kid? I know I can figure this out, somehow, it's what she gets exposed to from other people that scares me!

There are eggs in waffles, breads, crackers, cookies, battered/fried foods, mayonaise, some pretzels, donuts, egg rolls, muffins, and lots of other things.

I feel so bad for her. Oh my God, am I going to have to make 2 different kinds of bread each week?

Is there egg in mac-n-cheese- probably in the pasta. What about pizza?

I guess hot dogs and chicken breasts are gonna have to work for the next few days until we figure this out.

**After 24 hours, I am now a bit calmer and optomistic. The next months will be a transition of learning how to cook for her. David is Oat/Wheat/Gluten, Fish, and Shellfish allergic. So, I already do a lot of special cooking but now she has the 2 main allergies that he doesn't (Peanut & Egg White). My other 2 kids have None...this is going to makes for a crazy kitchen- and unless I am very careful, a potentially dangerous one.

Pray that Sybella is no longer exposed to her allergins and that I find creative ways to make life as normal as possible for her.

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