Thursday, January 15, 2009

Mission Trip

Well, the days are counting down quickly, we are leaving early Sunday morning (Jan 18th) for our mission trip.
For those who aren't aware: David and I will be leading a team to the Dominican Republic (DR) for one of National Community Church’s A1:8 mission trips.
We are very busy getting everything prepared for the trip. We have spent this week getting items together to take to the people we will be working with, things like sports equipment, medications, toys, and household items. The entire team is also finalizing plans to be away from work, school, and "normal" life for a week.
We will work very diligently to keep you all informed of how our days are spent; our internet service in the DR may be limited but we hope to be able to blog at least every other day.
We would love to have prayer partners in each of you; please make it a priority to pray for us daily until we return.
Specific things that you can pray for are:
God’s preparation before us and that we be used in the best way possible for His Glory
Travel Protection- Jan 18-24
The team members: Chad, Katie, Carol, Dana, David, Colin, and Myself
The missionaries we will be working with: Bud and Karen
The people we will be ministering to: 3 medical mission days, 2 days of Vacation Bible School/Community Outreach, and 1 day of service to Dominican Ministry workers (painting and minor house repairs)
Health Protection for All, but particularly our Baby (I will be 26 weeks pregnant during the trip)
The kids we are leaving here: Colin is going with us but Connor and Sybella will be staying home and for part of the time will be in different places…the kids have been away from us before but not also separated from each other at the same time.

Thanks to each of you for your support and prayers!

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