Monday, January 19, 2009

The shirt off my back…

Haven’t we all heard or used this cliché? Today I witnessed such poverty that I literally wanted to give children “the shirt off my back”. I wanted to empty my suitcase and come back to the states with nothing! The ‘poor’ in the United States are more likely to enjoy certain amenities than many of the middle class in Western Europe – things like air conditioning, red meat, etc. So when someone compares the ‘middle class of the US’ to a single room home in the fields of the DR…we are ridiculously wealthy.

After a hardy Dominican style lunch, we headed into one of the more remote villages where a small bible study has been started. One of our team members Carol Casco shared with mothers some general hygiene and health practices to help avoid sickness and disease. This led into Bible teaching, praise and worship, and then the children decided to bless our team with a song and sign language. People kept coming up and at one point there where close to 30 adults (mostly mothers) and just as many kids.

A few of the team members took the kids off onto the dirt roads and pulled out baseball bats and tennis balls. It was so fun watching Colin (10 years-old) engage with these kids and lead them in activities. After several hours of catch and miniature baseball games, it was time to head back to the mission house.

Another great day!

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