Thursday, January 8, 2009

Pipes, Plumbing, and Play Toys Plyers

Wow...what a way to start the new year. So I get an urgent email and phone call on January 2nd telling me that our home in Seattle has mold! Needless to say I was slightly stressed. Turns out that both the renters and I drilled into the wall to hang things in the office. Both of us managed to hit the pipe coming down the inside of the wall. It wasn't until I removed the screw before moving that the problem manifested because the screw went in and plugged the hole.

Long story short...we have awesome renters and incredible friends. Jeremy was patient and cooperative in letting us get in there to fix the problems. And Gregg Johnson who runs a division of Regent Home Resources rocks! It is so wonderful to have someone you know you can trust to jump on an issue and fix the problem without over charging you. Gregg was fast, reliable, and just all around accomadating! Can't thank him enough for his efforts and taking care of something while we were 2500 miles away.

SO IF PIPES weren't bad daughter got her play toy "Squeeze the Plyers" stuck in the toilet. That wasn't the bad part :-) The bad part was the plumber who tried to 'snake' the toilet ended up 'blowing out' the side of the we had to replace the ENTIRE TOILET!

I love life...this has been one of the busiest months for Sharon and I in a long time and we haven't killed each other because we are patient. I didn't say PERFECT...just patient.


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