Friday, January 16, 2009

Never Say Diet Book Review

I occasionally review books for publishers as part of the book's release. I recently had the opportunity to review two books that I am thrilled to have received:

Title: Never Say Diet AND The Never Say Diet Personal Fitness Trainer
Author: Chantel Hobbs
Pages: 240 / 176
Publisher: WaterBrook Press; Reprint edition (December 16, 2008)
Genre: Non-Fiction / Self-Help / Health / Diet
Edition: Paperback - Thanks are in order to the publisher for inviting me to review these books and providing a copy of each.

This time of year is full of resolutions about: weight loss, getting in shape, fitting into clothes, and resolving weight-related health issues.
I have in fact made a resolution for myself regarding getting in shape and weight loss following the delivery of my fourth child in April of this year. I didn't yet have any concrete plan on how I would accomplish my goals, just that it is essential to reclaim who I desire to be when I look in the mirror and try on clothes. No plan that is, until I read this book; I embraced this book immediately because I have never believed in dieting. I love food and have always believed that if I diet, I will eventually return to old habits.
So, Never Say Diet is a perfect fit for me. Chantel Hobbs has an easy to read writing style and she focuses not on what she calls the symptoms but what she identifies as the problem of weight loss and dieting. This book focuses on the lifestyle choices (physical, mental, and spiritual) we make every day. The author's message is designed in a '16-week plan' format which begins with emphasise on consistent exercise which is followed by an evaluation of eating habits. Chantel also ties in a spiritual perspective regarding the fact that God has given us each the power to accomplish what we set our minds and hearts to. Chantel includes tips, guidelines, food recommendations and exercise (with pictures you can understand) throughout the book. Chantel has the resume and results to back this book up! She has lost over 200 pounds and is a personal trainer, spinning instructor, and running coach. She is married and has four kids. She is what I would call a real woman, she has lived, learned, and wants to share her knowledge with others so that they too can have Victory in the area of health, wellness, and weight struggles.
The Never Say Diet Personal Trainer is a perfect companion to this book. It is broken into chapters that cover each week. Each chapter begins with a Bible Verse and Quote for the week, along with a space to record specific daily items; don't worry though, it is neither complicated or 'over-done.' I assure you that you will not find this recording process a burden but rather a fairly easy way to create accountability for yourself. Consistency is the name of the game in this program and Chantel has designed a great book and resource to help you remove your excuses.
Buy, Read, and Enjoy!

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