Friday, January 25, 2008


What fun! Start to finish the boys and I had a blast. My approach is that they are the cub scout and this is their project. So I made them read the instructions, pick a design, trace it out on the wood, cut, sand, and paint! That's right, we spent a lot of time together working side-by-side but I am giving them all the credit. Grandpa came by and help with the paint; it was a family bonding experience. Uncle Phillip (my brother) showed up at the races to cheer them on. It is great to have family who can be close by to encourage and cheer them on.

Now race night was interesting. I did not realize how serious this stuff is. There were mom's cheering, dad's working on cars, and all out chaos with that many children in one place. It was NASCAR meets CHUCK-E-CHEESE. There was a professional track with a laser light counter to clock times. I have to admit that when the 1st heat raced down the track and one car did not finished I prayed, "Dear God, just let the boys cars cross the finish line." Is that wrong? I knew how hard they both worked and I would have felt terrible if their cars did not finish the race. They both did great and almost trophied (both missed 3rd by milli-seconds). I WAS SO PROUD OF THEM! This was not Dad's project & car that they raced, this was their project that they built and raced.

The boys finished the race...

How many times do people start things and not finish the race?

Lesson 1:
Hebrews 12 - talks about running the race set before us. Now I know we are talking about pinewood derby but I believe that kids learn the lessons early in life and carry them through to adulthood. We all have a race to you know what your race is? How well are you running?

Lesson 2:

1 Corinthians 9:24 - Do you not know that in a race all the runners run, but only one gets the prize? Run in such a way as to get the prize. I guess I have to remind myself of this because during the project the boys put the tools down, stopped sanding, and I let them go play while I worked on the cars (not a lot) but...the point is I want the boys to run in such a way as to win. I have seen so many people go to work, take on a project, or go through life never giving it their all. No wonder people are unhappy with their jobs, if you are not running to win then all that can be expected is mediocrity.

So I ask...Are you running to win?

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