Friday, January 4, 2008

Household Rivalry

By: Sharon

My goodness, it is amazing as the kids get older how there is no longer 1 opinion or 2 opinions (Mom & Dad's) in a house; everyone has an opinion! In a recent conversation with Colin, I reminded him that the Redskins would be playing the Seahawks in the first round of the NFL playoffs this Sat @ 4:30pm. He casually asked who I would be cheering for. I told him that I would be cheering for the Redskins. He said, "Woo-hoo. This will be good because I am cheering for the Seahawks." I must admit I was a bit surprised. Normally when the family watches a game, the kids ask who's side we're on so they know who to cheer for; but not this time, Colin was quick to add that it was obvious that he would root for the Seahawks because Seattle is his "Hometown!" It made me stop, think, and smile. My son is getting bigger and has a mind of his own with opinions that he will share more and more in the future. Seattle is the only place he has known (until September) in his life. And, I was in fact cheering for the Redskins not only because we live in VA now but also because I grew up in this area and the Redskins were my team.

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