Thursday, January 24, 2008

Father to Daughter

Awesome book by Harry Harrison, Jr.

Sharon picked this one up for me. I got some cool ideas for raising Sybella. When I read "Wild at Heart", I gained new insight as to why my boys act the way they do and what drives boys as they become men. Father to Daughter, is full of cute one liners, great ideas, and tips on dealing with that special little girl in your life.

One of my favorite words of wisdom is, "When you tell a boy not to stick something in an electrical socket, he will either stomp off or do it any ways. Girls will cry!" I have already seen this one. One of the ideas I walk away with is to buy her a nice necklace and then by charms for different events as she grows-up.

Again, well written book helping remind men in America that we need to be the example of how men should treat women and that lesson starts with treating are little girl right.

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