Thursday, July 24, 2008

Catalyst Facebook Contest

Wow, I won!

Catalyst is running a contest for Facebook users: the first 3 people to see the newly placed ads on Facebook for the October Catalyst Conference and to send in an e-mail with a screen shot, will receive a book in the mail.

I got an e-mail from Jesse Phillips today to let me know that I am one of the winners and to ask me which book he should send. How cool is that?

I love Catalyst resources. They have podcasts with awesome and innovative church leaders as well as other Leadership Influencers. In addition to podcasts, their site has articles and a blog, as well as information about where the Catalyst Road Trip Vanagan will be next.

You can also subscribe to Catalyst Filter which has exclusive content, webcasts, articles, recordings from previous events, discounts, and tons of other stuff. I have gotten like 10 or 11 free books in the mail which has more than paid for the $144 annual subscription.

My husband is the BEST for cuing me in on this AWESOME resource.
And now, I have won a free copy of Church Unique by: Will Mancini.
Maybe I will win the free-airline ticket contest too. :)
Rumor has it, they will post my name, profile, and blog link to the Catablog. It won't exactly make me famous but exciting none-the-less.
Hope to see you in Atlanta for the Catalyst Conference!

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