Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Locking Doors

Today, we had a new adventure. Sybella, who loves to play with the doors in the house, found a way to shut her bedroom door and get it LOCKED. Unbelievable!

She had opened and shut the door a couple of times when all of a sudden, she had a different tone in her voice and started saying, "mom, mom, mom." As soon as I checked the door knob and realized what happened, I started laughing. Her brothers however began to lose it.
The panic was quite cute. They wanted to know how we were going to get her out. Colin wanted to break down the door. I assured them that a paper clip would do the trick but they were more distraught because the paper clips are in Sybella's room! So, I sent them to "find a paper clip" while I grabbed the mini-screwdriver. Voila! In about 10 seconds, the door was open and Sybella was ready to try it again.

The whole event was funny but the funniest part was the boys assumption that I had never done this before. How do they think I honed my lock-pick skills???
Now they know that I have done this for them before when they were little.

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