Sunday, July 20, 2008

Road Trip

Without being to retrospective or philosophical, I wanted to share a few thoughts and I thought these pictures were unique and just wanted to capture them to show my daughter later in life. So it was not really a road trip, but...we did drive down yesterday to Myrtle Beach from DC. It is 7 to 8 hours depending on traffic. Now it is a long enough drive for one person to make but when you add kids to the mix it gets interesting and you begin to learn patience. Sybella was a real trooper but there were moments and the pictures below capture one of them.

I am grateful for Gameboys and other electronic entertainment that help pass the time for the older boys. Poor Sybella, we brought toys of all varieties but when your attention span is only 10 run out of entertainment for a 1 year old somewhere between DC and Myrtle Beach. That moment is when this happens (see below). Everyone says she is a 'princess' but rarely does anyone see this side of her. Then it dawned on me...

Aren't we all like Sybella in one way or another?

1. Our attention span shifts from one priority to the next and we wonder why we never hit our goals

2. We have one face we show the public but then there is this 'other face' we have when we are in private

So this week I am thinking through what are the priorities I need to focus on in the second half of 2008 (at work, with the family, and other personal goals). Also want to get better at being of one mind and transparency in all areas.


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